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Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Uprise Design


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Uprise Design

A big thanks to Uprise Tshirts for being a gold sponsor for the Heroes, Hoops, and Hope event. We feel so grateful to partner with such a wonderful sponsor. With the support of Uprise Tshirts we are pleased to bring the former Husker players to Central Nebraska. This sponsorship is helping us spread the incredible message provided by Anthony Ianni as we continue to educate and raise awareness about Bullying and Autism.


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Exchange Bank


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Exchange Bank

A big thanks to Exchange Bank for being a gold sponsor for the Heroes, Hoops, and Hope event.  We feel so grateful to partner with such a wonderful sponsor.  With the support of Exchange Bank we are pleased to bring the former Husker players to Central Nebraska.  This sponsorship is helping us spread the incredible message provided by Anthony Ianni as we continue to educate and raise awareness about Bullying and Autism.


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Wagoner/Stoka Families


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Wagoner/Stoka Families

A big thanks to Wagoner/Stoka Families for being a gold sponsor for the Heroes, Hoops, and Hope event.  We feel so grateful to partner with such a wonderful sponsor.  With the support of Wagoner/Stoka Families we are pleased to bring the former Husker players to Central Nebraska.  This sponsorship is helping us spread the incredible message provided by Anthony Ianni as we continue to educate and raise awareness about Bullying and Autism.


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Cornerstone Bank


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Cornerstone Bank

A big thanks to Cornerstone Bank for being a gold sponsor for the Heroes, Hoops, and Hope event.  We feel so grateful to partner with such a wonderful sponsor.  With the support of Cornerstone Bank we are pleased to bring the former Husker players to Central Nebraska. 


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Gangwish Seed Farms


Heroes, Hoops, and Hope & Gangwish Seed Farms

A big thanks to Gangwish Seed Farms for being a gold sponsor for the Heroes, Hoops, and Hope event.  We feel so grateful to partner with such a wonderful sponsor.  With the support of Gangwish Seed Farms we are pleased to bring the former Husker players to Central Nebraska. 



Heroes, Hoops, and Hope

A big thanks to our sponsors:  LaserTec of Nebraska, Brad Rasmussen Contruction, Finney's, Schroeder Machine Shop, Willis Repair, Motor Inn Bar & Grill, Victorian Inn (Superior, NE), Woodman Drilling & Irrigation, K&K Convenience Store




As we continue to spread awareness about autism and get close to the end of April and Autism Awareness Month, it got me to thinking. I know, I know….that can be a dangerous thing. Our mission is to help provide support to children and families experiencing autism and bullying, BUT it is much more than that! We want to be the glimmer of light for those children and families that are having a real tough time with the issues in their lives and are struggling to stay positive and realize there is HOPE!

I have thought of two stories I would like to share with you in relation to some of these thoughts. The first story is in no way related to the seriousness of what families that are experience autism and bullying are going through, but it really opened my eyes to not listen to the negative talk of others. I was a freshmen at Spalding Public Schools. We had just moved to town that year. My dream since I was five was to play in the State Basketball Tournament. The same one that my dad and I would go to every year since I could walk. Our basketball season (if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love sports and have my dad to thank for that passion!) was not going real well. We were 5-8 going into districts. We played a lot of close games during the year and peaked during districts, winning three in a row and became district CHAMPS!!! I was fortunate enough to be able to start at point guard as a freshmen and had a great group of guys to play with. My DREAM was coming true…we were headed to STATE! I was beyond excited.

The first round we play Wallace, a team that was like 18-2 or something. We were huge underdogs. We won by about 20 and the dream continued. It was AWESOME! One of the smallest schools in the state at that time was in the semifinals. The next game we played Hildreth. All I remember about that game was they were an older team (we started 1 senior, 1 junior, 2 sophomores and myself) and big! We played hard, but came up short. We lost by about 20……I would say the dream ended, but really it was an incredible experience!

Now to the point of the story……as I was being replaced late in that game I headed to our bench. As I approached our coach, I heard a fan scream, “Bly, you stink (may have used worse words J), get off the floor!” I have played in numerous games and I am sure other fans yelled stuff at me when I didn’t play well. Yet, this is the ONLY situation that I remember one of my own fans yelling at me that stood out that much (it’s been over 25 years ago). I could have let that destroy my focus, attitude and desire to become a better player, but my dad continued to teach me not to worry what others are saying and DO MY BEST! That fueled my fire and helped me work harder so to whoever said that at the Pershing Center in 1988…thank you! However, that is not the case in some situations. As a parent now, it reminds me that we need to build up our kids, be positive with them and when they find something they love and are passionate about….tell them to DREAM BIG!

The second story has to do with my son Trae. Many of you know that he didn’t walk or talk until he was 2 ½ years old. He had many doctor’s appointments and other issues that we have worked through and are working on. Several years ago, we had a doctor tell us that “Trae was the way he was” and we would just have to be okay with that! Ummm…..NO! We were not fine with that comment and found a new doctor shortly after that appointment. Plus, we started researching and finding resources that could help our son progress and start developing more. He has come so far!! If we would have listened to that doctor who knows where Trae would be at socially, academically and physically. I know one thing….he wouldn’t be as far along as he is today! We had and still have goals and dreams for Trae and all four of our other children. We want them to be happy, find something they are passionate about and do their best to reach their goals & dreams! The “DREAM BIG” motto is special to me because of my family. The Kids & Dreams Foundation and helping others reach their dreams is just icing on the cake!

The purpose of this post is to see if you will join us in believing in yourself, BE POSITIVE…then pass that on to your children or others around you just like my parents have done for me as I grew up! It is easy to be negative, but staying positive takes some work and is SO rewarding when you help others!! I truly believe that families need to know that there is always hope and anything can happen. The foundation is in place to help these families try to find that hope and any resources or options that will help see their child progress and reach their full potential in life!

I want to finish by introducing you to another individual that has done great things after being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in the third grade. Her name is Sarah Lonsert. She became the youngest songwriter to win the USA Songwriter Competition in 2009 at the age of 17. After winning that award, she released her own album, acted on stage and in films.

Keep believing, have a positive attitude and PASS IT ON!

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“Operation Shine”….We are really excited about our upcoming camp on June 5-7, 2015 at the Covenant Cedars Camp near Hordville, NE! The camp is for kids ages 7-12 that are experiencing autism, Fragile X, Angelmen’s Syndrome and Down Syndrome. The camp will consist of a two night stay, a number of fun activities (swimming, fishing, arts/crafts, sensory obstacle course, etc.), and two “theme nights” where everyone will dress up. The theme nights will consist of “Superheroes” and “Pirates & Princesses”. We are even having the Exotic Paradise Pet Farm come out to the camp to show some unique animals to the children. It is going to be a BLAST!!

If you have a child that you would like to send to our camp, please let us know. We would love to have them and still have some spots open. We are limiting the number of campers to 30 this first year. We are also still looking for volunteers!! If you know of anyone that is interested, please have them contact us. We have an incredible group of volunteers so far and want to continue to get that total number of volunteers to around 70 if possible.

Like I said in the title, our main goals are for the kids to have FUN and the time of their life, but SAFETY is an area we are taking very serious. We want the parents and families of these children to know that we are trying to put as much stuff in place for the kids to be safe in all aspects of the camp. Below is a list of what the camp will provide for each camper in regards to keeping them safe…..

·       Each camper will have at least one 1-on-1 “Dream Big” Camper

·       All staff & volunteers will have received training in the specific disorders that will be present at this camp

·       There will be nursing staff on site 24/7 & we hope to have an on-call doctor as well

·       There will be 2 mental health therapists on site 24/7 along with other trained professional                                          volunteers on the campgrounds

·       All cabins have full bathroom facilities, handicap accessible

·       Each cabin will have a big camper sleeping in front of the door so access out of the cabin is extremely limited due to the erratic sleeping patterns of the children.

·       We will have staff up through the night monitoring the cabins to ensure that everyone is safe and no children leave the cabins unattended.

·       We have created a camp social story for the kids and their parents to help ease any concerns either may have. That story can be found on our website on the “Operation Shine” Camp page.

·       We will have at least ONE Sensory Room for the kids to access if they become overstimulated or need to take a break

My family knows firsthand the need for safety especially during the overnight hours due to the lack of consistent sleeping patterns for kids on the autism spectrum. Trae’s sleeping patterns are not consistent and he recently has started to get up in the middle of the night and sneak downstairs to play on the computer, DS or do other things without us knowing.  Just the other morning, we found him already up as we were starting to get everyone ready for school. We tried to figure out what he had been up to, but didn’t have time to really focus on that…..until a report from school came.  We received word that he had fallen asleep in art (the school and us thought he may not feel good since we had two other kids home sick).  This was a FIRST for him at school…thankfully! HA!

So, the story continues…….Trae gets home and Kerri checks his planner for the day. It states that Trae told his teachers/paras that he was up really early on the computer. Kerri asked him if he was and he said “YES” and that he was driving the bus on the ipad (games he really likes!). So Kerri checks, and sure enough, ALL the bus games are open on the ipad and the battery is at 9%. He had buried the ipad under a pile of stuff around the computer so we wouldn’t find it or think he had it. He is very smart and starting to be really sneaky.

I am telling you this story only to let you all know that we ARE taking this camp very SERIOUS in regards to the kids safety! Being a parent of a child with autism, I understand the worry and concern parents might have about sending their child to the camp. We hope the many steps we have started to put in place will allow you to feel more comfortable about having your child attend our camp and allow them to have an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!

Our motto for the camp is “You cannot blend in…..when you’re meant to SHINE!” We truly feel that each child that attends the camp will be able to do just that!

I want to end this post with introducing you to another individual who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and has went on to do great things. Her name is Heather Kuzmich. She is a fashion model and was a contestant on the reality show “America’s Next Top Model” in 2007. She finished in 5th place on the show and was voted as the viewer’s favorite 8 weeks in a row. She spoke about her decision to join the show, “It was a point in my life where I was thinking either Asperger’s was going to define me or I was going to be able to work around it. At first I was really worried people would laugh at me because I was so very awkward. I got the exact opposite.” When asked about her time growing up, she said “I was at the bottom of the totem pole. I wanted to be a role model for girls who aren’t the most popular and are picked on.”

Another great story of overcoming your fears and worries and setting your goals high! The Kids & Dreams Foundation will continue to “DREAM BIG” for those children and families we come in contact with and hope we can be a role model for individuals needing support, resources or other options. Together we WILL make a difference!

Links used for the story on Heather Kuzmich include the story on “These 8 Inspiring People Will Change The Way You Think About Autism And Asperger’s”-

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Spreading Awareness.....ONE WEEK At A Time!

This past week, the Kids & Dreams Foundation had a week that may go down as a very important stepping stone for the organization as it continues to spread awareness about autism and anti-bullying! Below is the week in review…..

Sunday-My family went and had supper with a great family that is sending their daughter to “Operation Shine”. It was so nice to meet her and the entire family! Our kids had a blast as they rode a tractor, fed goats, made s’mores and other fun activities!

Monday-The foundation prepared for the next two days of visiting schools by organizing information and printing off marketing material for the camp.

Tuesday-The pace picked up for the week. We started our journey with Rick Shaw from Awareity!

10:45 am-We had an interview with Josh Moody from the Kearney Hub about the foundation and our upcoming camp!

1:45 pm-The foundation and Rick Shaw speaks with the 4-8 grades at Shelton Public Schools about bullying and doing the right thing. The “Friend of the Foundation” Award was presented to the 4th grade. Great group of kids!

2:45 pm-Our talk continues with Shelton Public as we spoke with the 9-12 grades. Another award was presented to Nadia Pinon for her incredible act of kindness and character at a track meet earlier this year.

4:15 pm-We had another interview with John from the Hasting Tribune about the foundation and our upcoming camp! Starting to get some great publicity about the camp!!!

Wednesday-The foundation and Rick headed to Superior and Sandy Creek Public Schools for the day!                

10:15 am-We spoke with Rick to the 4-8 grades at Superior Public Schools. We are                honored to  present another “Friend of the Foundation” Award to Taran Zoltenko. He made an impression on us at our outing in February. Continuing to recognize kids doing the right thing and having a positive attitude!

11:00 am-We surprise Rick by having his parents show up and listen to him speak for the FIRST time. It was so great to see his reaction and we were honored to line that up for both him and his parents!

11:15 am-We continue our talk at Superior by speaking with the 9-12 grades. We were very impressed with the questions and interaction with all the Superior students. Plus, we handed out a large number of volunteer forms for our camp. Excellent morning!

12:15 pm-The caravan loads up and heads to Sandy Creek Public Schools.

1:00 pm-We continue our presentations by talking with the Sandy Creek 9-12 grades.

2:00 pm-Our second session of the afternoon is with the 2-5 grades. They were very interactive with great questions. We loved their reaction to a short highlight video on Jason McElwain that we were able to show at the school with their video board. They loved it!!

3:00 pm-The last session was with the 6-8 grades. It was a great way to cap off our two day, three school tour about bullying. We hope the schools and the students took away some valuable information from the presentations. We want to thank Rick Shaw so much for his time and help with this. The foundation was proud of our first efforts getting into the schools and spreading our mission! Hope to continue that next school year.

Thursday-After being on the road all day Tuesday and Wednesday, it was time for the foundation to have another “Operation Shine” Camp Committee meeting and board meeting starting at 6:00 pm. We got a ton accomplished and feel we are putting the right things in place to have a camp that will be an incredible experience for the kids and volunteers.

Friday-The foundation gets some air time! Joan Schwan, Camp Director, and I go on NTV’s Good Life to talk about the foundation and our upcoming camp at about 9:30 am. We want to thank Carol Staab and NTV for having us! We were so happy to be able to spread the word!

  10:05 am-As I am walking out of the NTV studios after our interview, we receive a call                     from a parent that wants to send their child to the camp! She had just seen us on television. Mission accomplished!

1:00 pm-We meet with a possible donor for the camp and our Autism Conference in October!

6:00 pm-Team Bly loads up and heads to Omaha for the annual Autism Walk on Saturday!

Saturday-The Kearney Hub publishes an article about the foundation and our camp! We receive a few emails about individuals wanting to volunteer! Again, getting some great publicity and people responding to help us at the camp. Mission accomplished!

That same day, Team Bly attends the Omaha Autism Walk and has a blast. We are rocking the “Knock’Em Down for Trae” Bowling shirts in honor of my son! Over the past several months he has wanted to wear only long sleeve shirts because he feels more relaxed and calm in them. Well, today, he only needs his bowling shirt! He loves it and we are so happy. He did AMAZING all day long. To celebrate the walk, we went to The Amazing Pizza Machine, went to the hotel and went swimming for a few hours and even went out to eat as a family! A huge day of events and sensory overload for Trae, BUT he handled it great and had a blast!

The trip to Omaha was an AWESOME way to cap off a week I will always remember for the foundation as we continued to spread awareness about autism and anti-bullying! The job is in no way close to being done…..bring on this week!

Due to our busy week, I have not had a chance to post about any more individuals with autism that have done great things. Today, I want to introduce you to James Durbin! He was a finalist on Season 10 of American Idol.

James released a single called “Parachute” and was first diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and Tourette syndrome at the age of 10. James states “Right around the time when I was diagnosed, I got a hand-me-down guitar with a chord book and a cheap busted tuner. I think music is like medicine and can be a benefit for anyone no matter what genre. There’s just so much you can learn. It’s all about focus and for me, not only on the Autism spectrum but also the Tourette’s spectrum, focus was something I needed help with. Music is my focus.”

Music was also a way for him to deal with bullying growing up. He said “Throughout this process, I figured out that no matter how bad of a day I had at school, I could come home and create my own world within the music. I could make the music as happy or sad as I wanted it to be. I used the pain from being bullied to transform me into who I was meant to be.”

What a great story about working on being focused and passionate about something and then going for it! Our goal at the foundation continues to be to help children and families find that focus and help each child reach their full potential in life! Just like James did, we continue to “DREAM BIG!”

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A True Friend....Nicknames & All!

        “I have been Trae’s friend for 4 years.   We even have special nicknames for each other, TraeBo and WillBo. 

         We like to play cone bowling, tag and on the slides outside.  Outside we like to make funny potions that explode.  We put banana peels in it.  One time we made a fruit punch potion.  Trae has a good imagination.

         I like to be Trae’s partner in PE, especially when we bowl.  We do circle of friends together.  In circle of friends, me and TraeBo are partners.

         Once I had my birthday party in Cairo at the bowling alley.  We both got strikes.   We also chased the party lights on the floor.   After the party, we rode back to Trae’s house in my dad’s loud truck.  Trae yelled, “Roar it!” 

         Trae is one of my best friends!”