As a parent of a special needs child, I am very passionate about doing what I can to help my son progress and enjoy his childhood like other kids. I am extremely proud to introduce another parent who feels the same way. Her name is Amy Sjoholm. She is on our board, has volunteered at a number of events including our camp and is a huge part of our bullying program including speaking to students. She is very dedicated to making a difference! We are grateful that Amy is a part of the Kids & Dreams family! Check out what she had to say about the foundation and why she is a part of our mission……..

“I wanted to be a part of the Kids & Dreams Foundation because of my son, Peyton, whom was diagnosed at age 9 with Autism.  He is my inspiration to help others that have been impacted by autism and have been bullied.  What I want others to know is that people that have autism just want acceptance and understanding the way that we all do.  I hope to inspire people, through the foundation, to treat everyone with kindness and respect and to honor people and their differences.  It is also important to me to bring resources to Nebraska for families and children on the autism spectrum. Providing opportunities through our “Operation Shine Camp” for children on the spectrum has been the most impactful way to do this.  I hope that we will continue to educate others and provide continued services in our state.”

Thanks so much Amy for your time, help and dedication. It is truly appreciated!

Together WE WILL make a difference!

We hope you will join Amy and the foundation family to continue to….”DREAM BIG!”