The Kids & Dreams Foundation is always looking for unique ways to provide support to children and families that are experiencing autism and bullying.  To do this, we need individuals that are passionate, dedicated and want to make a difference. We would like to introduce you to one of those people……Levi Rogers is on our board, has volunteered at a number of events including our camp and oversees the foundation website and any IT issues. We are grateful that Levi is a part of the Kids & Dreams family! Check out what Levi had to say about the foundation and why he is a part of our mission……..

"I have always felt strongly that we should help children that need our help, even to the point that I feel it is our responsibility as performing members of society to participate in helping those children that require additional care.  My working relationship and friendship with Aaron Bly introduced me to the Kids & Dreams Foundation. Because of this, I was able to volunteer at the First Annual Operation Shine summer camp for kids on the Autism Spectrum last year.  I was blown away by the connection I felt with the kids! The most exciting thing was watching the children interact and grow as individuals.  As a new parent myself, I was happy to help provide an experience that was as beneficial for the parents as the child.  After the camp was over I knew that I wanted to be more involved with the foundation.  I am fortunate enough to be able to help the Kids & Dreams Foundation in its mission.  I hope to help the foundation bring joy and relief to the children and families that we work with."

Thanks so much Levi for your time, help and dedication. Together WE WILL make a difference.

We hope you will join Levi and the foundation family to continue to….”DREAM BIG!”