Today, I wanted to make sure and post this article about the sensory experience of a shopping trip! The things that a lot of us take for granted are extremely overwhelming for kids on the spectrum. The link below also has a video that was put together by an adult with autism that simulates a visit to places like Walmart and other big box retailer place and what that feels like with sensory overload. I hope this will help people realize what the kids on the spectrum are feeling and going through when they are at the store with their parents. There are ways to help the child handle these situations and ones that we have implemented with Trae over the past few years that work. Please be mindful of this issue the next time you see a child having a meltdown in the store. Haven't we all been overwhelmed at one time or another. Again, we hope to continue to raise awareness about these issues and let people see a glimpse of how the kids on the spectrum view different situations. Below is the link to that story and video...

I am also honored to introduce to you today a gentlemen who wrote the New York Times bestseller "Look Me in the Eye" that was published in 2007. John Elder Robison writes about what it was like growing up with Asperger syndrome, but not being diagnosed until he was 40 years old. He has helped with autism research and has published two more books called "Be Different" and "Raising Cubby". WOW!! A New York Times BESTSELLER! 

These stories about individuals that have went on to do incredible things continues to drive the Kids & Dreams Foundation to do whatever we can to help kids on the spectrum progress and reach their full potential in life.  I know I mention our motto "Dream Big" often, but stories like these are one of the reasons we truly believe in that saying! Anything is possible, please come along side us and let's DREAM BIG together. 

Together we WILL make a difference!

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