A person with Autism Spectrum Disorder might.....

  • Not respond to their name by 12 months of age
  • Not point at objects to show interest by 14 months
  • Not play "pretend" games by 18 months
  • Avoid eye contact and want to be alone
  • Have trouble understanding other people's feelings or talking about their own feelings
  • Have delayed speech and language skills
  • Repeat words or phrases over and over
  • Get upset by minor changes
  • Have obsessive interests
  • Flap their hands, rock their body or spin in circles

Did you know....that Daryl Hannah was diagnosed with autism as a child and felt isolated from others her age. This isolation helped drive her love of old movies and interest in acting. Hannah's acting career has spanned more than three decades. She has starred in dozens of movies, including "Wall Street", "Grumpy Old Men" and the "Kill Bill" movies. She is also an environmental activist. During an interview with People magazine, a friend commented that when Hannah "feels passionate about something, she loses all her fears". 

Even with the red flags, symptoms and other behaviors, there is always hope that children experiencing autism can progress and lead a successful life as Daryl Hannah has. As a parent of a child with autism, my goal (and dreams) for Trae is that he would find the areas he is most passionate about and use his incredible mind to accomplish great things. His possibilities are endless.....skies the limit! Continue to DREAM BIG!

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