“I have been Trae’s friend for 4 years.   We even have special nicknames for each other, TraeBo and WillBo. 

         We like to play cone bowling, tag and on the slides outside.  Outside we like to make funny potions that explode.  We put banana peels in it.  One time we made a fruit punch potion.  Trae has a good imagination.

         I like to be Trae’s partner in PE, especially when we bowl.  We do circle of friends together.  In circle of friends, me and TraeBo are partners.

         Once I had my birthday party in Cairo at the bowling alley.  We both got strikes.   We also chased the party lights on the floor.   After the party, we rode back to Trae’s house in my dad’s loud truck.  Trae yelled, “Roar it!” 

         Trae is one of my best friends!”